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Topic specific reviews of — and resources to — the 10th International Symposium on Auriculotherapy in context to your practice of Auricular Medicine 
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Siwan Quinn Bratton,
BSc.(Hons),Lic.Ac.,CMIR, MMAS, BSS-Do Dip(T) 

Siwan is co-principal of The College of Auricular Acupuncture where she provides specialized training — and shares her professional clinical experiences —  in auricular acupuncture.

Marcel Meijer, MHCT

Marcel is a doctor, acupuncturist, homeopath and counselor who has taught auriculotherapy at the SNO (Stichting NAAV Education) as well as anatomy and pathology at the Hocht in Enschede. He is director at the Goudse Academie which offers continuing education in acupuncture and integrative medicine.

Adrien Losay (TBA)

Adrien is an advocate in the field of Auricular Medicine and has studied with experts from schools of thought in the field. Having provided platforms for auricular education, Adrien shares his perspectives for greater context in bridging concepts and unifying ideas under a bigger understanding of auricular neurostimulation.

Dave Maybee, RMT

Dave is director and lead instructor at the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine (CIAM) where he offers both his clinical expertise and nearly two decades of teaching experience in the CIAM core curriculum.

Featured Topics

Ear Point Localization and
Ear Charts

Following the symposium presentations by Dr. Raphaël Nogier and Dr. Marignan on the subject of point localization and ear charts, CIAM offers these resources:
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The Vascular Autonomic Signal (e.g. Reflex Auricle-Cardiac)

Following the presentation by Dr. Bernard Deffontaines, “how to feel the Reflex Auriculo-Cardiac/Vascular Autonomic Signal,” CIAM offers these resources:
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Auricular Methods
and COVID-19

Following the presentation by Dr. Claire-Marie Rangon on “COVID-19: an unexpected paradigm for validation of the auricular map of the brain,” CIAM offers these additional resources.  
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Dental Systems in
Auricular Medicine

Following the patient examination in Auriculodentistry by Dr. Chantal Vulliez, CIAM offers this patient example in support of the importance of dental systems in Auricular Medicine:

On Research

CIAM offers challenges and opportunities in this review of GLEM presentations by Prof. Yves Matillon, Prof. Gregory Ninot, and Dr. David Alimi.
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The Ear as a Tool for Assessment of Pathology

Following the presentation by Dr. Jihong Liu and colleagues on changes of histology and structure of the outer ear as related to pathology in rabbit models, CIAM presents a Visual Assessment Guide based on clinical patient examples.

Q&A on COVID-19

Scientific journals such as Frontiers in Physiology, Frontiers in Neuroscience, the Journal of Physiology, and the Bioelectronic Medicine Journal are presenting papers showing links between vagus nerve stimulation and anti-inflammatory effects to support in the treatment of COVID-19.[1-4] Some of these papers[1][4] align with findings of Nadia Volf et al. respective to an auricular market for COVID-19[5] — the interferon point, a functional point in the super tragic notch, that supports anti-inflammatory effects.[6]
In this video, Dave Maybee, director of the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine, introduces points to consider respective to COVID-19. Acupuncturists, in particular, will be excited to learn that the microsystem of the ear not only reflects anatomical points, but all somatic and emotional experiences mapped by the brain including, systemic points (i.e. endocrine system and other regulating metabolic points), psychotropic points, as well as all of the meridians[7].
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Using the VAS

Interested in the benefits of using the VAS? There are many reasons that students from various schools of auricular practice supplement their auricular training with CIAM’s highly endorsed CORE curriculum, watch the Level 1 intro and discover yours.
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The new point localizations of Dr. Bahr and the window to trauma treatment they open

Dr. Frank Bahr and colleagues such as Dr. Winfred Woyak, Dr. Manfred Reininger and others have continued to contribute to the original findings of Dr. Paul Nogier in 1957 — points which reflect deep hidden dental systems, hidden emotional systems, and even entire meridians. Findings of trauma held in the Governor Vessel meridian help point to underlying psychotropic points. You can discover fascinating new point localizations in this master course from CIAM’s PLUS series.
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CIAM acknowledges Richard Niemtzow, Michel Marignan, Raphaël Nogier, and Chantal Vulliez for leading the organization that has produced the 10th International Symposium on Auriculotherapy, as well as the speakers and sponsors who have contributed to this event presented by Groupe Lyonnais d'Etudes Médicales (GLEM)