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What are the qualifications needed to learn Auricular Medicine? 

CIAM was founded on the belief that this medicine should be available to anyone to learn, and the institute welcomes all students willing to learn under the interests of professional standards.  Of course, if you intend to offer Auricular Medicine as a practice, it is expected that practitioners shall have the necessary training to provide treatment in accordance with all relevant governing and regulatory guidelines under which they provide such practice. Practitioners may decide to incorporate auricular components from training they may have received without certification. However, there is absolutely no endorsement for practitioners who make claims to practice Auricular Medicine without certification. The Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine (CIAM), the German Academy for Acupuncture (Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur | DAA e.V.), the European Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (EATCM), and the Austrian Association for Standardized TCM (OGKA) all offer courses recognized for certification in Auricular Medicine (CIAM is independent from the institutions listed here — with independent certification requirements applicable to the standards in North America). 

In what types of healthcare and wellness fields do people practice Auricular Medicine?

The use of Auricular Medicine is not limited to a single modality, and it is practiced in a range of healthcare and wellness modalities (i.e. acupuncture, allopathy, chiropractic, dentistry, naturopathy, psychology, physiotherapy) — the difference between, for example, a CIAM-certified Reiki practitioner and a CIAM-certified medical doctor is the set of experiences and education that inform their practice.

Are there specific course pre-requisites?

Courses within the CORE and the Complete Master Certificate Program (CMCP) are to be taken in sequence. Each course is a pre-requisite of the next. Refer to the learning paths of the CORE curriculum and the CMCP. Also, even though they may not all have pre-requisites, course categories provide an indication of sequence (from INTRO, to CORE, to PLUS and CERTIFY). Being medical in nature, many courses assume some knowledge in basic anatomy and/or health science.

What is certification?

What is the refund policy?

As a learning platform for continuing education, we are unable to offer refunds on the online services we sell. We strive to deliver an exceptional learning experience, and are committed to working directly with you in order to address any problems, concerns, or issues that may arise.

What is Auricular Medicine? 

Succinctly defined, Auricular Medicine is among several analogous fields of auricular methods that use the microsystem of the ear, such as Auriculotherapy, Auricular Stimulation Procedures, and Ear Acupuncture to treat the entire body. These fields include protocol-based techniques (i.e. Battlefield Acupuncture and AcuDetox), therapies (i.e. Auriculotherapy), and methods directly originated from the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) body acupuncture. Auricular Medicine, however, goes well beyond protocols, therapeutics and ear acupuncture. With Vascular Autonomic Signal palpation, Auricular Medicine is used to assess reflex zones for specific and current identification, prioritization and treatment of the dynamic neural states that otherwise prevent healing. Learn more about Auricular Medicine as a Window to the Brain.