CORE Courses

The core curriculum moves beyond introductory methods to develop clinical skills in the actual practice of Auricular Medicine. You will be able to identify, prioritize and treat blockages to healing in a way that supports your practice and improves patient outcomes.

CIAM’s highly endorsed core curriculum is helping lead the understanding of auricular methods for powerful insights into the human system.
CORE Enrollment Options
  • Core Curriculum Enrollment: Single registration in core curriculum courses on a one-by-one basis (paying as you go)

  • Advanced Certificate Program (ACP) Enrollment: Significant savings for advanced level training and certification through level 2 plus 1-on-1 consultative mentorship.
CORE Curriculum Path
  1. Ear Point Guide
  2. Level 1: Enhanced Auricular Assessment and Treatment (online self-guided w/instructor reviews) 
  3. Clinical Practicum 1 (online w/clinical advisor support) 
  4. Level 2: Clearing Blockages to Healing (scheduled online webinars)
  5. Clinical Practicum 2 (online w/clinical advisor support) 
  6. Level 3: Advanced Methods (on-site)
  7. Clinical Practicum 3 (online w/clinical advisor support) 
Note: the clinical practicums, a requirement for certification, are not required in order to proceed to the next respective level.