Enrollment Guide

There are 4 types of enrollment offered at the
Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine:


Learners can take any course at any time. 100-, 200-, and 300-level CORE courses earn credit toward completion of respective Level 1, 2, and 3 requirements.

INTRO courses offer simple pre-core methods easily integrated in your practice. CIAM has several modality-specific courses planned.
Course numbers 100-310 offer respective credit toward the completion of Levels 1-3.  
Respective CORE knowledge is assumed for enrollment in PLUS courses

curriculum path

Get trained in Auricular Medicine, levels 1-3. Distinct skillsets applicable across modalities — one level at a time. 

There is no requirement to start the CORE (and each level is self-standing)
The Ear Point Guide is a 
pre-requisite for Level 1
Level 1 is a pre-requisite for Level 2
Level 2 is a pre-requisite for Level 3

Enrollment for certification

After completion of respective CORE coursework, CERTIFY courses allow you to earn level certification through clinical practicums.

Clinical practicums confirm skills at each level, but are not required to progress.
Certification for Level 1  is required prior to beginning Clinical Practicum 2
Certification for Level 2 is required prior to beginning Clinical Practicum 3


The Advanced Certificate Program (ACP) offers CORE, CERTIFY, and PLUS courses for an advanced level of learning with mentorship — all with the benefit of being offered in 4 discounted installments.  

The ACP includes the Ear Point Guide, Levels 1-2, Clinical Practicums 1-2, + Mentorship 

A recognized continuing education provider

Course Completion Documentation Recognized by Associations

CIAM provides course completion certificates accepted for CEUs/PDAs by various professional associations (request your association to contact CIAM).

German Academy for Acupuncture (Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur | DAA)

CIAM is independently endorsed as offering the only systematic training in English of the DAA Auricular Medicine program worldwide.

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

CIAM offers courses endorsed as Professional Development Activities (PDAs), with Continuing Education Units (CEUs) as approved by NCCAOM.


CIAM has offered courses with Continuing Education Units (CEUs) previously approved by CMT, New Brunswick, Canada (request your association to contact CIAM)

Massage Therapists’ and Wholistic Practitioners’ Association of the Maritimes

CIAM has offered courses with Continuing Education Units (CEUs) previously approved by CMT, New Brunswick, Canada (request your association to contact CIAM)

Overview of Course Categories

Basic methods for reading the ear to access mind & body via transcutaneous stimulation, offer  practical introduction to Auricular Medicine, review of point locations, and approaches relevant to specific modalities (new courses planned).
  • No pre-requisites
  • Practical methods to try in your practice
  • Low time investment
  • Institute access to student forums and more
The core curriculum moves beyond introductory methods to develop clinical skills in the actual medicine. You will be able to identify, prioritize and treat blockages to healing in a way that supports your practice and improves patient outcomes. 
  • The Ear Point Guide gets you started in CIAM’s highly-endorsed core curriculum
  • Each level offers a distinct set of practical skills 
  • CORE programs fulfill requirement to CERTIFY 
  • Available course bundle discounts
Expand your auricular knowledge! PLUS courses address specific topics with in-depth focus, introduce master methods, and offer opportunity for detailed review and practice with leading experts in the field. 
  • Auricular Connections options for Q&A support at your level of practice
  • Access to leading experts in the field
  • Course bundle discounts
  • FREE training resources
The opportunity to apply your learning and receive detailed feedback on your patient cases — and earn certification at your level of practice.
  • Personal clinical practicum advisor
  • Join the global network of certified practitioners
  • Access to case study database
  • Receive recommendations
Planned: Instruction and/or tips on the use of many auricular tools and materials that often do not otherwise come with instructions.
  • Links to materials
  • How-to guidance
6 courses. 1 focused path to confident, advanced practice. Enroll in the Advanced Certificate Program for comprehensive coursework and mentorship.
  • CORE through Level 2
  • CERTIFY through Clinical Practicum 2
  • Opportunity to earn advanced certification
  • + Mentorship

Why wait another moment
you could be accessing a window to the brain?

The Ear Point Guide teaches you auricular anatomy and landmarks to start reading
one of the best assessment tools every patient already brings you, their ears! 
[1] The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the auricular microsystem as the most dense collection of points reflected by the brain of any microsystem on the human body.
Reference: Shang, C. Mechanism of Acupuncture - Beyond Neurohumoral Theory. Medical Acupuncture Journal. 2000; 11(2), 61-70.