CORE | Prerequisite: Completion of Ear Point Guide

Level 1: Enhanced Auricular Assessment & Treatment

Learn to identify active points to inform assessment and effective treatment. Differentiate between anatomical and functional, tonifying and sedative, focus and support points. Understand basic neurological and anatomical concepts, as well as history and research, underlying the medicine. Use case management forms and various methods to assess and treat patients.

The auricular skills taught in this course can be applied by practitioners across many areas of practice (not only acupuncturists). Enroll today and take advantage of bundle options. 
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  • Time investment: 20+ hours
  • CEUs/PDAs: 20 CEUs as approved by NCCAOM and by the California Acupuncture Board
  • Pre-requisite: Ear Point Guide

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Fully responsive, online course. Self-guided study plus live online meeting with instructor for review (appointment available on ongoing basis).


• eBooks
• Course Handbook
• Practice Guides
• Demonstrations
• Interactive Video
• Live Review w/instructor
• Case Form
• Self-Assessments


20 CEUs as approved by NCCAOM, and by the California Acupuncture Board as Provider 1299, Category 1