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Research: Challenges & Opportunities

Find inspiration — from suggestions for research design to shifting opportunities in healthcare — to drive your passion in what still matters most: your effective clinical practice.

This resource offers you information to...
  • Effectively educate your patients and network of colleagues relative to the challenges of research.
  • Link to research resources related to your practice
  • Get a quick bird’s-eye overview of lectures by Dr. David Alimi, Prof. Yves Matillon, and Prof. Gregory Ninot, presented for Group Lyonnais d'Etudes Médicales at the 10th International Symposium for Auriculotherapy.

Marcel Meijer, director of the Goudse Academie, discusses the challenges and opportunities relative to the call for research presented at the 10th International Symposium of Auriculotherapy.

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Guest speaker

Marcel Meijer, MHCT

Marcel is director of the Goudse Academie, a continuing education provider based in the Netherlands offering courses in, among other alternative fields, auriculotherapy and Auricular Medicine (including the work of Dr. Frank Bahr). As a former student and colleague of Ton Van Gelder and Steven Hoffman, Marcel is a uniquely integrative clinical practitioner of homeopathy and acupuncture.
Patrick Jones - Course author