Auricular Methods in Traditional Chinese Medicine

You may have had introduction to ear acupuncture or Auriculotherapy in school, or you may already be applying some form of auricular methods in your practice. Now, owing to advances in neuroscience, Auricular Medicine (an advanced system of Auriculotherapy) is at the convergence point of several related neurofunctional fields — acupuncture, laser therapy, and neuro-auricular modulation, which represent a combined global market valued over $14 billion USD in 2020, forecast to grow over 7% annually through 2027.[1-3] As such, Auricular Methods are supporting new opportunities for advancement in TCM.

With Auricular Medicine, acupuncturists are adding precise neurological insight to their practice — with tools to identify and prioritize the most effective treatment plans, as well as prime the nervous system for improved treatment outcomes.
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Pinpoint Causal Issues with Greater Specificity

Learn how to palpate the Vascular Autonomic Signal in order to identify symptom points and their deeper, underlying, causal points
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 Frequencies for Assessment and Treatment

Learn to identify negative Qi, and discover the power of the Governor Vessel for identifying and treating trauma. Gain new insight through the use of medical frequencies to discover new energetic relationships between the meridian system and the nervous system.
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Enhanced Precision in Assessment and Treatment

Auricular Medicine expands your TCM treatments with neurofunctional precision, whether to address a specific physical structure (such as a facet joint at the vertebral level), or a specific emotional state (such as dissociation resulting from a dorsal-vagal shutdown). 

Collaboration for Advancement

Acupuncture faces challenges; both treatment challenges (such as the challenges presented by treatment resistant patients) and practice challenges (resulting from insurance pressures, resource concerns, and difficulties integrating services within the healthcare system).

CIAM works to address these challenges through collaboration for advancement — the intention underlying every course in our highly endorsed curriculum.


In our mentorship program we collaborate with graduates of Level 2 in order to advance their practice. 

Independent Cooperation Schools 

CIAM collaborates with other academic institutions to further the advancement of the field of Auricular Medicine


Working with medical professionals, we draw on newest clinical approaches for treatment advances.


Benefit from the expertise of CIAM’s clinical practicum advisor, who helps bridge your auricular skills to your TCM practice.

Tools Supporting the Clinical Practice of TCM

  • Vascular autonomic signal (VAS, or Nogier Pulse) assessment of disturbed neural states/function via reflex zones on the auricular microsystem via palpation of autonomic nervous system response to stimuli 
  • TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) for auricular neuromodulation with application of medical frequencies — including frequencies that resonate with the cortex, subcortical parts of the brain, and interconnected nuclei throughout the brainstem 
  • LLLT (low-level laser therapy) for auricular neuromodulation with application of medical frequencies — including frequencies that resonate with the cortex, subcortical parts of the brain, and interconnected nuclei throughout the brainstem 
Tools from the field of Auricular Medicine (clockwise from top left): The Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS), a pulse wave displacement by which to palpate autonomic nervous system (ANS) response to stimuli. RJ Laser Pen featuring the medical frequencies of doctors Nogier, Bahr, Reininger, Scholtes and Petermann. The German-made Pointoselect digital DT by Schwa-medico which also provides TENS. And, other assessment and treatment approaches offering Auricular Medicine as a window to the brain. 

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