PLUS Course

1-to-1 Consultative Mentorship (3-month access)

This consultative Auricular Medicine mentorship is for students who have completed Level 2 — it is like calling an expert colleague to your side in your clinic.

Connect your learning to your practice with the structure and support of mentorship. During your enrollment you can create your own schedule for mentorship by making appointments for live  consultations online. Between appointments (up to six per 3-month enrollment), you will apply and record your learnings and identify questions/goals for each appointment.

In addition to offering you the opportunity for direct expert consultation, CIAM’s Consultative Mentorship in Auricular Medicine is a platform for broader auricular education. Select consultations are recorded and saved within the course player for repeated review by anyone enrolled in mentorship — it’s your chance to learn from the clinical practice and questions of your colleagues! Additionally, a few select consultations will be featured (only with consent) on the CIAM YouTube channel — highlighting the expertise of inquisitive CIAM practitioners like you, and sharing the experience and knowledge of the CIAM community with others. 

1-to-1 Mentorship is an active way to discover what you don’t know, continue to perfect the skills you already have, and contribute your knowledge as an advanced auricular practitioner. Test your blind spots and the depth of your understanding in order to achieve your potential for true mastery!
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Schedule your own Mentorship

Choose consultation appointments at anytime, allowing at least 10 days between each appointment (a requirement to apply learnings into practice). Appointments are offered every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8:00-22:00 EST (except when booked and Dec 22- Jan 01 and Jun 22-July 5)

Access to Recordings

Rewatch your own consultation and learn from others in the mentorship program (with whom you can also review approaches using the course discussion forum).

Accelerate Your Learning

Mentorship offers the focused structure, support, and accountability for increased success and efficiency in your practical application of Auricular Medicine. Quickly discovery your blind spots to move toward mastery.
  • Time investment: depends on your application of practice and the number of mentorship appointments you schedule.
  • Pre-requisite: Level 2 and a mandatory waiver agreement provided in the course to allow consultation recordings to be contributed to allow student access to recordings and knowledge sharing.
Mentoring is making a huge difference for me and my patients. Finding Histamine focus and soul trauma have become much clearer. With much appreciation for your help, I am enrolling in another 6 mentoring sessions.
Nir Saar, RAc
Zen Needle Acupuncture
With [CIAM] training, practitioners learn current developments in auricular acupuncture, and the approach taught in Germany — a system with profound results for clearing blockages to healing and stubborn symptoms. 
Beate Strittmatter, MD
Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur