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Graduates across modalities use insights from Auricular Medicine to prioritize treatment approaches and break through the walls presented by their most challenging cases. This medicine is a point of convergence owing to neuro-modulation, measurement of autonomic (ANS) output, application of therapeutic frequencies, and other concepts supporting a shift in healthcare.

Helping lead auricular understanding since 2003

CIAM is founded September 2003 under the name Vital Principle Institute, and begins its continuing education programs with a 3-day German Auricular Medicine course taught by Dr. Beate Strittmatter, MD; practice sessions co-led by Dr. Peter Gross, MD; and a stepped program developed and introduced by CIAM founder Dr. Muriel Agnes, PhD, in 2004 — all of which became the foundation of today’s most comprehensive and highly-endorsed core curriculum based on the works of Dr. Paul Nogier, MD, and Dr. Frank Bahr, MD to be offered in English.
Eastern Currents, one of Canada’s top distributors of acupuncture and TCM supplies, invites CIAM founder Dr. Muriel Agnes, PhD, and Dr. Beate Strittmatter, MD, to teach several courses in Vancouver — supporting a growing interest in German Auricular Medicine and the institute that is helping lead understanding in the field.
CIAM is invited to present break-out sessions at the 8th International Symposium of Auriculotherapy held at Johns Hopkins University — a conference which Richard Niemtzow, MD, PhD, MPH, described as “Astonishing,” and Medical Acupuncture guest editor, Mylene Huynh, MD, MPH, noted, “Most importantly, the break-out sessions...practical guidance that could be put to use immediately.”[1]
Lead instructor Dave Maybee, RMT, is named director and CIAM secures an exclusive invitation to present the Auricular Medicine related trauma work of Dr. Frank Bahr, MD and Dr. Christiane Wesemann, MD, in English. The collaboration is kicked off by a CIAM premiere: presenting Dr. Bahr in Toronto for one of its most popular seminars.

CIAM is invited to present and/or consult in England, Ireland, India and the Netherlands.
CIAM presents its new online learning platform.

Dave Maybe, RMT, CIAM academic director and lead instructor, is invited to present an opening address to the International Academic Forum on Standards for Auricular Diagnosis and Treatment in Foshan, China.

CIAM makes its Level 1 course available online.
CIAM continues to develop its online offering — the only Auricular Medicine program in English endorsed by the German Academy for Acupuncture (Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur | DAA) and following the standards of the European Academy for Traditional Chinese Medicine (EATCM), to both of which CIAM is linked as part of an international network of independent cooperation schools.

Features of online courses with CIAM

to engage efficient learning (with respective features depending on the specific course, material and agenda). 
  • Flexible schedule: Dependent on pre-requisites, you can start your learning in any course at any time.
  • Interactive video: Course players offer time saving features not available in most online video courses, such as interactive table of contents, section tags, playback speed control, resource links, educational notes and quizzes.
  • Generous access terms: Most courses remain available for an entire year or more. 
  • Extensions: Discounted course extensions are available to maintain your course progression and access to institute resources (forum, free course contents, and more) online instructor reviews via Zoom.™
...ongoing coursework plus recurring live components you can schedule when available.
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