CIAM was established in 2003. Here you will find experts who share key auricular insights, clinical experience, their passion and a truly personal approach — all around a systematic curriculum for practical learning outcomes — for your success!  
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Dave Maybee, RMT
Academic Director & Lead Instructor
Healthcare professionals from around the world attend  CIAM courses for the practical skills gained as a result of the approachable and thought provoking teaching style of lead instructor, Dave Maybee. Dave has taught Auricular Medicine at CIAM since 2008 and became director of CIAM in 2019.
Lisa Weleschuk, TCMD, RAc
Instructor & Clinical Practicum Advisor
Patients and students/colleagues benefit from Lisa’s appreciation of what it means to be whole. An approach that supports collaborative understanding and defined her facility in acupuncture by observing its roots in many cultures, as well as the inseparability of mind and body —that healing must not be confined to a modality.
Muriel Agnes, PhD, MAEd
Founder, Instructor Emeritus & CIAM Advisor
Dr. Muriel Agnes is the former director of the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine (CIAM). Muriel began in this field by thoroughly studying other schools of auricular acupuncture, and her doctorate work focused on the assessment accuracy of Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS or Nogier Pulse) palpation.
Dr. Beate Strittmatter, MD
Honorary Instructor
A true leader in the field and author of Ear Acupuncture: A Precise Pocket Atlas Based on the Works of Nogier/Bahr (the text used in the CIAM core curriculum), Dr. Beate Strittmatter is director of education at the German Academy for Acupuncture (Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur | DAA) and was a key force leading to the founding of CIAM, having presented auricular trainings in Canada on the invitation of Dr. Muriel Agnes.
She continues to advise as a subject matter expert on clinical methods.
Dr. Frank Bahr, MD
Guest Instructor
A former student and colleague of Dr. Paul Nogier,
Dr. Frank Bahr is recognized for advancing the developments of Nogier to the contemporary Auricular Medicine practiced today and promoted by associations for acupuncture standards in Europe (EATCM), Austria (ÖGKA), and Switzerland (SACAM). Among his many contributions to Auricular Medicine is use of the Governor Vessel in trauma treatment. He has author and co-authored many articles and books, including: Laser Acupuncture and Innovative Laser Medicine
Dr. Andreas Wirz-Ridolfi, MD 
Online Instructor*
Through his practice as a surgeon, Dr. Andreas Wirz came to use acupuncture to improve patient outcomes. Retired from his role as Medical Director of Medi-China Center for TCM Laseracupuncture, he now focuses on contributing his knowledge and research in Auricular Medicine. He is distinguished as a former visiting professor at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and senior lecturer and research fellow of the European Academy of TCM (EATCM), as well as being published in Medical Acupuncture and Journal Akupunktur und Aurikulomedizin
Paul Maybee
Former Online Instruction/Equipment Consultation
Paul Maybee is a former executive director of Kingfisher Distributing (a medical laser distributor for the healthcare and wellness field) and has years of experience in clinical equipment sales and consultation. Although he is no longer active at CIAM, Paul’s work developing instructional material for the auricular field, helped support the online training within the Ear Point Guide.

Our Passion

Collaboration across modalities to support your growth, network, and practice.
Let our passion support your goals! CIAM offers curricula developed on a basis of auricular methods that have been researched and practiced by leading professionals in the field of Auricular Medicine. CIAM instruction delivers practical clinical skills we believe to be applicable in all areas of medicine and wellness.

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My clients have noticed a reduction in symptoms after only a few visits.
Louise Therrien, Naturopath
My confidence in difficult cases has grown.”
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Results have been nothing short of miraculous.”
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