Andreas Wirz-Ridolfi, MD, Surgeon FMH

From the insulin point, to transfloral ear acupuncture, to intravenous laser, Dr. Wirz has applied his medical experience as a surgeon to improve outcomes through the use of Auricular Medicine.


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WATCH VIDEO on the use of Auricular Medicine in the clinical treatment of chronic migraine. This video is part 1 of 4 in a series.

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Dr. med. Wirz has recently published his newest work, a compilation of editorials that gives insight not only to the cultural history of China, but to the connections of that history to acupuncture and Auricular Medicine.

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Auricular Medicine for Diabetes Care

With the ability of Auricular Medicine to resolve therapy resistance, by addressing blocked pathways (both neural pathways and meridians/pathways of functional energy), Wirz’s discovery of an insulin frequency and his subsequent pilot study offer promise for diabetes.
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A new combination of ear acupuncture, energetic dentistry (the work of Bahr/Schmid) and homeopathy (e.g. floral essences and the work of Wesemann) to improve the energy of patients is presented by Dr. Wirz in his article, Transfloral Acupuncture in the journal, Acta Scientific Dental Sciences
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Transcutaneous Laser Blood Irradiation

Dr. Wirz is one of the pioneers in transcutaneous blood irradiation and has applied transcutaneous laser methods at Medi-China Center for TCM Laser-acupuncture. His research in both human and veterinary applications has supported the advancement of Auricular Medicine in Europe.
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Compilation of Editorials from Springer’s ZAA

Dr. Wirz has contributed many editorials to the Springer Medical Press Journal of Acupuncture & Auricular Medicine (Zeitschrift für Akupunktur & Aurikulomedizin | ZAA). Here has shared on a range of topics  — many of which have been compiled in his latest book, Chinoiserien, Einst und Jetzt.

Bio | Dr. med Andreas Wirz-Ridolfi, Surgeon FMH

Former instructor at the Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur (DAA)
Through his practice as a surgeon, Dr. Andreas Wirz-Ridolfi came to use acupuncture to improve patient outcomes. Retired from his role as Medical Director of Medi-China Center for TCM Laseracupuncture, he now focuses on contributing his knowledge and research in Auricular Medicine. He is distinguished as a former visiting professor at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and senior lecturer and research fellow of the European Academy of TCM (EATCM), as well as being published in Medical Acupuncture and Journal Akupunktur und Aurikulomedizin 
Clinician • Instructor • Author • Lecturer

Dr. Andreas Wirz-Ridolfi is an experienced acupuncturist and physician (now retired) who has contributed to research in, and clinical applications of, the use of low level laser and Auricular Medicine; both of which were main aspects of his clinical practice at the Medi-China Center for TCM Laseracupuncture. Medi-China AG, is a Swiss clinic he started and directed outside of Basel — which he has successfully sold and retired from. An avid sinophile, Dr. Wirz has enjoyed building bridges between TCM and Auricular Medicine. He is a former visiting professor of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. 
Dr. Wirz is a student of Dr. Frank Bahr. Today, he continues his association with developments in the field of Auricular Medicine as senior lecturer and research fellow of the European Academy of TCM (EATCM).

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Presenting Auricular Medicine in Practice

Dr. Wirz in clinical practice
for the auricular treatment of chronic migraine