A demonstration for students and practitioners interested in advanced Auricular Medicine

Dr. Wirz presents Auricular Medicine in Practice: A treatment session from a chronic migraine case

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This presentation of a treatment session is meant both as an introduction for practitioners interested in Auricular Medicine, as well as students and practitioners seeking to review their understanding of Level 1 and 2 material as presented in the CORE curriculum of the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine (CIAM). This presentation includes
  • Review of case history
  • Demonstration of assessment and treatment
  • Explanations of concepts

Meet the instructor

Dr. Andreas Wirz-Ridolfi

Through his practice as a surgeon, Dr. Andreas Wirz-Ridolfi came to use acupuncture to improve patient outcomes. Retired from his role as Medical Director of Medi-China Center for TCM Laseracupuncture, he now focuses on contributing his knowledge and research in Auricular Medicine. He is distinguished as a former visiting professor at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and senior lecturer and research fellow of the European Academy of TCM (EATCM), as well as being published in the journals of Medical Acupuncture and Akupunktur und Aurikulomedizin 
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Applied experiences from students of Auricular Medicine  

My blood pressure has been high since childhood and difficult to control with medication, herbs or TCM acupuncture. [Using Auricular Medicine] I found my right knee (scar) to be the histamine focus in my own ear. I treated the knee point with Nogier A (scar/deep symptom), and Nogier C (musculoskeletal). My blood pressure has been well controlled since without treating any other symptom points.”
Stephen Durell
I had a high school student coming in for treatment due to a head injury. Over about 8 visits [of osteopathy and balance exercises] his migraines subsided, his balance became normal, and his sleep was good; but his moods were still bad... he almost felt like he didn’t want to live anymore. [Using] my laser now... I found the TMJ point resonated with Nogier F, so I treated it this way for another 6 visits, and discharged [him after he] stated he felt like himself again!”
Robert McDonald
What stood out for me [in this course] was that even breaking down a process into its different parts still won’t show us the whole picture... actually it prevents us from seeing the entire picture. I was always taught, if you broke things down into its different parts, it will help you see what is going on. Now knowing that is not actually true... makes me think more about how everything works together.
Rene Splettstoesser