Healthcare and wellness professionals use the ear (auricle) as a neural portal for assessment and treatment of numerous and complex physical and psychological conditions. 

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Somatotopic organization

Broad therapeutic application

Cross-modal connections




ANS Modulation

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“Such a good learning platform.” | “Certainly advanced my learning a lot.” | “With this Auricular Medicine results have been nothing short of miraculous!” | “The ability to precisely identify the root cause...has allowed me to expedite the [treatment] process.”

Thank you and all the teachers and staff for providing such a good learning platform. Your efforts are very much appreciated!”
— Dr. Sun Pei, DO | Physician specializing in family medicine and acupuncture, New York 
I have completed the VAS course today — a very good training. It certainly advanced my learning a lot. I look forward to learning more.”
— Ming Su, LAc | Five Elements Acupuncture & Wellness, Maryland
With this auricular medicine, results have been nothing short of miraculous! The ability to precisely identify the root cause of the patient’s symptoms has really allowed me to expedite the process of returning my clients to full physical function.
— Morris Senior, PT | Level I CIAM Certified Physiotherapist, Ontario

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Learn how to use the microsystem of the ear as a bi-directional neural portal for improved therapeutic outcomes...

Measure ‘neural outputs’ specific to hidden causal priorities.

Apply ‘neural inputs’ for targeted regulation.

Prime your therapies with neuro-auricular modulation.
Integrate auricular for deep insights on pathways to healing.

Acupuncture &
Oriental Medicine
Chiropractic &
Physical Therapy 
Naturopathy & Homeopathy
Physicians & Advanced Practice Providers
Research in Neuroscience and Medical Devices

• Increased point finding precision and accuracy
• Insights that answer treatment planning questions 
• Ground-breaking uses of the Governor Vessel for PTSD

Guided by the auricular microsystem, acupuncturists are increasing the efficiency and precision of their patient assessments, point finding, and prioritization of treatment approaches. Stay abreast of the skills you need to easily prioritize blockages with simple focus indicators, quickly identify points for sedation vs tonification, apply the appropriate frequencies for electro-stimulation, and much more. 
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• Get beyond defense mechanisms
• Identify specific disrupted neural states to guide therapy
• Target neural pathways to receive therapy    

Neuroscience is rapidly advancing the field of mental health, is your CE keeping pace with these advances?

Gain skills to measure and assess neural states and hidden emotional conditions helping move clients forward even in the first session — all easily integrated into the scope your mental health practice.
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• Priming the nervous system to better receive therapies

Manipulation of the ear helps balance parasympathetic and sympathetic states to prime the autonomic nervous system for deep tissue release. For therapists using laser, CIAM offers endorsed LLLT training.
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• Reduce the impact of toxicities
• Identify alternatives to extraction
• Uncover hidden issues through neural insights

The teeth truly reflect health. As the end points of our meridians, the location of amalgam and other toxicities, and connection to our nervous system, dental considerations are a critical component found in auricular assessments and treatments — with insights offering significant clinical value to the field of dentistry. CIAM is the only online CE provider offering an introduction to Auricular Medicine concepts published in ACTA Scientific Dental Sciences.
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•  Pain Management (especially complex and chronic pain) 
•  Effective adjunct in management of opioid taper
•  Quick access to neural insights

Physicians interested in the neural aspects of chronic and complex pain, especially in therapy resistant populations, can use the auricular microsystem of reflex zones for patient assessment and treatment owing to the brain’s current and dynamic projection of neural states onto the outer ear — a precise reflection of physiological (including anatomical and functional) as well as psychological conditions individual to every patient.

•  ANS-guided identification of intolerances
•  Support endocrine response
•  Treatment planning and dosage guidance

Naturopathy and homeopathy are well represented in the concepts underlying the approach of Auricular Medicine. From the identification of intolerances and toxicities affecting the body, to the understanding of the neural states of functional systems, your use of the auricular microsystem offers deep insight that can help guide assessment and treatment plans — and prime hormonal and metabolite pathways reflected through the neural reflex zones dynamically and currently projected on the ear and help the body effectively receive treatment. 
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CIAM offers collaboration and presentations to support research in neuroscience and bioelectronic medical device engineering

Clinical approaches in Auricular Medicine offer frameworks for gaining a window to the brain — frameworks to open perspectives on new opportunities in the field of neuroscience and neuromodulatory device engineering. We look forward to collaborate with your research/engineering team, and/or provide training presentations specific to the neuro-auricular portal and its many clinical applications.

Continuing education that supports
your practice, network and growth

Advance practice outcomes by priming the nervous system for improved response to treatments and therapies.
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Join a professionally recognized and internationally represented network of certified practitioners.
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Future-proof your investment in continuing education.
Integrate auricular for growth.

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