Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine

Integrate Auricular...

The ear is is the greatest tool every patient already brings you! Auricular reflex zones offer
neurological insight into what ails the body — every physical and emotional experience mapped by
the brain is reflected on the ear.

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Muriel Agnes, on the practical skills you’ll gain in Level 1.

What our learners say

"Hands down the most exciting modality I’ve studied since completing my Chinese Medical studies almost 8 years ago.
Andrew MacFarlane, LAc | Private Practice
CIAM and everyone I have met are just wonderful.... many of my patients love the results... I am so grateful for the work CIAM does.
Candice Ellis, LAc | Instructor (retired), New England School of Acupuncture
The ability to precisely identify the root cause of the patient’s symptoms has really allowed me to expedite the process of returning my clients to full physical function.
Morris Senior, PT | Level I CIAM Certified Physiotherapist in Toronto