Yves Rouxeville, MD

An auriculotherapist, instructor, and developer to the field, Dr. Yves Rouxeville has published a number of books on auriculotherapy.  He believes that a formalized education of auricular approaches offered to healthcare and wellness professionals beyond those in biomedical practice, can broaden the range of care accessible to patients.


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Rouxeville’s publications include...

Livre Blanc de l’Auriculotherapie en 2020

Ce qui marche - Ce qui ne marche pas - En Auriculothérapie

Abrégé de Physiologie: À l'usage des acupuncteurs et des réflexothérapeutes (Médecines d'Asie: Savoirs et Pratiques)

Panorama de l’auriculothérapie et de l’auriculomédecine (Médecines d'Asie: Savoirs et Pratiques)

Bio | Yves Rouxeville, MD

Groupe Lyonnais d'Etudes Médicales (GLEM)
Author • Instructor • Practitioner

A key member of the Groupe Lyonnais d'Etudes Médicales (GLEM), Dr. Rouxeville has a private practice in Lorient, France. As a medical doctor, he has authored numerous book on auriculotherapy. And, in his practice, he works to deliver protocols...