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Neuro-auricular Modulation for
Cervical Spine Pain

The microsystem of the ear reflects the brain’s mapping of our neural states (anatomical, functional, mental).  This is not just a simple static map; it is a precise and dynamic map that provides a highly individualized and current read-out of what is happening in both mind and body — psychosomatic insights so important for the effective management/treatment of pain.

In this supplemental resource (to a live webinar that was presented to the Canadian Physiotherapy Association), you will learn mechanisms of action, as well as how to read the map and identify active reflex zones.

These skills provide you access to your patient’s nervous system:

  • Identify and/or confirm underlying issues related to each patient’s individual symptom picture
  • Uncover insights to support your Physiotherapy assessment and treatment plan.
  • Influence pain messages in the central nervous system by treating points on the ear to support improved therapy outcomes

    This resource is an introduction to practical methods shown to improve practice results — even though this introduction only scratches the surface of what is possible in advanced Auricular Medicine.
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    • Time investment: 1 hour
    • Pre-requisites: None 

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    Online resources from the live webinar presented in conjunction with the Professional Development Marketplace of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association

    Course Resources

    • Video recording of live webinar (coming soon)
    • Presentation slides
    • eBook
    • Materials link for CIAM students
    • Self assessments


    • Auricular reflex zones related to cervical spine pain
    • How to identify issues most pertinent to the condition
    • Overview of neuro-auricular modulation tools for treatment