Dave Maybee, RMT

Launch your auricular skills forward with CIAM’s highly-endorsed CORE curriculum. Unparalleled in his field, Dave’s presentation of Auricular Medicine theory, demonstrations, and hands-on practice, will engage you. Gain the skills you need to integrate auricular for clinical efficiency and efficacy — especially for your most complex and otherwise therapy-resistant cases.


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WATCH VIDEO on key differences between auricular acupuncture (or auricular protocols such as Battlefield Acupuncture or NADA/AcuDetox) and Auricular Medicine.

Courses featuring Dave Maybee

What students say...

Hands down the most exciting modality I've studied since completing my Chinese Medical studies almost 8 years ago. Dave and Muriel are brilliant, compassionate, and inspiring teachers of this profound medicine. I feel as though I've been given the keys for unraveling the complex multi-layered medical cases that we see so commonly in our modern clinics." 

– Andrew Macfarlane, LAc | Clinical director at Pittsburgh Classical Acupuncture
After 33 years of continuing education courses I can say I have not experienced such a well prepped and gentle presentation of a veritable tidal wave of information.”

– Candice C. Ellis, LAc | Former faculty at New England School of Acupuncture, and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
"I became aware of a different auricular approach than the Chinese method I had learned in acupuncture school... [and] was thrilled to find a source to learn this medicine in North America! My clinical results have improved greatly as I can more comprehensively address a wide range of conditions."

– Anita Teigen, LAc, Dipl OM | Level II CIAM Certified Acupuncturist in Minnesota

What You’ll learn

Dave’s expertise is Auricular Medicine! Through his series of courses you will gain clarity on the broad field of auricular neuromodulation (from the historical context and current contributions of many auricular experts)  — and truly advance your auricular practice with these skills...

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Going beyond auricular protocols (Level 1)

  • Identify active points

  • Discover new points

  • Enhanced assessment
  • Enhanced treatment
  • Case management
  • Visual assessment

  • Gold vs Silver points

  • Medical frequencies

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Advanced Auricular Medicine (Level 2)

  • Vascular Autonomic Signal
  • Focus indicators
  • Clearing blockages to healing
  • Hidden dental system
  • Hidden emotional points
  • Clearing oscillation
  • Clearing inversion
  • Advanced Case Management
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Master class approaches (Level 3)

  • Diabetes care
  • Trauma timeline
  • Energy Meridian
  • Inflammation & chronicity
  • Negative & destructive Qi
  • Baseline weaknesses
  • Homeopathy & Constitution
  • Self-heal frequency
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Clinical tools for auricular neuromodulation

  • Auricular microsystem
  • Point finders and TENS
  • Frequency-hammer
  • Manual stimulation
  • Ear seeds
  • Laser
  • Needles/Needling techniques
  • Vascular Autonomic Signal

Bio | Dave Maybee, RMT

Director of the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine (CIAM)
Dave expertly conveys his passion in Auricular Medicine — as based on the work of medical doctors, Paul Nogier, Frank Bahr, Beate Strittmatter and other leading physicians and researchers in the field. Through his deep knowledge of the material, he engages students with clinical examples, demonstrations and Q&A to accommodate and spark diverse interests while delivering clear objectives and learning outcomes. 
Guest speaker • Lead instructor • Practitioner

As an international guest speaker, Dave promotes collaboration in the field. In a 2020 presentation to the International Academic Forum on Standards for Auricular Diagnosis and Treatment in Foshan, China, he addressed overarching concepts that unify differing ideas regarding ear maps and point locations.

In addition to teaching, Dave integrates cranial sacral therapy and myofascial release with auricular medicine to treat unresolved chronic pain and other issues found in therapy resistant patients (e.g. hard to treat patients who have “tried everything”). Treatment outcomes recorded at his practice suggest a success rate of over 85%. Dave credits this success to the identification and treatment of blockages to healing — a key concept of German Auricular Medicine. Additionally, Dave has developed clinical methods to identify and prioritize deep psychological blockages which maintain chronic pain, among other conditions. In a small study at his practice, he found that without treating the symptom, and only by treating the most important psychological blockage point, a patients’ chronic pain disappeared and in most cases did not return. This study supports a growing understanding of the importance of emotions on health, and of neurological insight on diagnosis and treatment priorities.

Dave is licensed under the Massage Therapists’ and Wholistic Practitioners’ Association of the Maritimes (MTWPAM) in Nova Scotia, Canada, and serves on the board of the Auriculotherapy Certification Institute (ACI)