INTRO | Auricular Methods in Psychology

Neuromodulation for EMDR: Targeting

Is target identification slowing you down? Are you getting the most useful information for successful targeting? Have you identified the most effective targets to truly move clients forward? 

A window to brain is available on the ear! Using Neuro-functional insights you can
  • streamline assessments
  • secure immediate and direct client engagement
  • build strong rapport and trust

Clients who are understood, are more receptive to to both you and the therapy you provide. Auricular Methods offer deep understanding of neural states in minutes. 

Learning how to read the dynamic somatic and emotional experiences mapped by the brain, you can identify the most relevant issues to support precision for truly effective targeting.
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Presenting through the neurobiological lens of the intra- and inter-personal, Laurie Colson-Young and Shannon Bowman will hone your belief-focused skills and approach — moving from the “target-specific” to the target as a doorway to the neural network.

Course Lessons

Instruction from relevant experience 

neuro-auricular expertise | actual psychotherapy practice | EMDR consultation | clinical advising for practice integration

Laurie Colson-Young, LMFT, LPCC
EMDR presenter
Approved trainer & consultant
As an EMDRIA-approved trainer and consultant at Roy Kiessling EMDR Consulting, Laurie helps many therapists focus their neurobiological lens on the inter- and intra-personal. She practices and provides retreats at Gentle Strength Therapy.
Shannon Bowman, AMHSW
Create Balance Psychotherapy & Counselling
Shannon is an EMDR-certified psychotherapist, as well as a certified laser therapist. He applies neurological-auricular modulation to improve the outcomes of his EMDR therapies and the psychology practice he directs.
Thasja Hoffmann, LMFT, LPCC
Westside Therapy Services
Thasja offers consultative insights from her professional experience as a certified somatic therapist and EMDR coach. Aside from professional EMDR coaching and training assistance, she leads a practice in Los Angeles.

Imagine your practice with a direct window to the brain

  • Instructive Theory for understanding the growing importance of approaches in Auricular Medicine
  • Case demonstration from actual psychotherapy practice
  • Consultative insights from certified EMDR coach and guidance on practical application
  • Interactive videos, resources, and self-assessment opportunities

Biomedical device manufacturers are working to change your market

Tech and Pharma are investing big in applying neuro-auricular modulation research (i.e. taVNS, taTNS, and more) to take ever greater shares of the mental health market. Stay ahead, and support clients with deeper neural insight.

Future-proof your practice with neurofunctional skills

Integrative health is multi-modal, so should be your continuing education. The reflex zones of the ear offer tremendous insight for understanding and affecting the mind body connection. Skills to future-proof your practice.