INTRO | Auricular Methods in Psychology

Neuromodulation for EMDR: Defense Mechanisms

How do you prepare for successful EMDR therapy when client defense mechanisms have taken over? Through the lens of popular trauma models, including Polyvagal Theory, you will learn auricular neuromodulation techniques to restore regulation (and avoid the possible risks otherwise associated with beginning EMDR with clients who do not have sufficient dual attention).

Whether dealing with client resistance to therapy, lacking dual attention, or something more severe such as dissociation, neuro-auricular modulation via the ear allows the therapist to bypass cognitive pre-frontal cortex involvement.

Learn to dynamically read the current and specific neural states of clients — disturbances in the limbic system, imbalances between hemispheres, hidden emotions and more  — all using reflex zones on the ear. 
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Time involvement: 1.5 hrs for interactive videos. About 2.5 hrs total


This course expands practice integration. It is of interest to all mental health professionals — even beyond the applications for EMDR

Develop your skills in

  • Neurobiology-based approaches
  • Polyvagal-informed therapy
  • EMDR integrations
  • Transcutaneous neuromodulation
  • A key human microsystem


  • Interactive videos
  • eBooks
  • Self assessments
  • Course discussion forum for Q&A
  • Course completion document

Course Lessons

Our instruction comes from relevant experience 

neuro-auricular expertise | actual psychotherapy practice | EMDR consultation | clinical advising for practice integration

Dave Maybee, RMT
Director & Lead Instructor
Healthcare professionals from around the world attend CIAM courses for Dave’s approachable and thought provoking teaching style. He has taught Auricular Medicine since 2008 and became director of CIAM in 2019.
Thasja Hoffmann, LMFT, LPCC
Westside Therapy Services
Thasja offers consultative insights from her professional experience as a certified somatic therapist and EMDR coach in training. Aside from professional EMDR coaching and training assistance, she leads a practice in Los Angeles.
Shannon Bowman, AMHSW
Director | Create Balance Psychotherapy & Counseling
Shannon is an EMDR-certified psychotherapist, as well as a certified laser therapist. He applies neurological-auricular modulation to improve the outcomes of his EMDR therapies and the psychology practice he directs.
Lisa Weleschuk, TMCD, RAc
Clinical Practicum Advisor
Lisa has advised students across many modalities on the application of Auricular Medicine within their scope of practice. She also practices Traditional Chinese Medicine at her successful practice in Calgary, Canada.

With a window to the brain your practice may never be the same

  • Case example from actual psychotherapy/EMDR practice
  • Instructive theory for understanding the growing importance of Auricular Methods in Psychology
  • Consultative insights and guidance on practical application
  • Interactive videos, resources, and self-assessment opportunities

Keep pace with
mental healthcare delivery

BioTech and Pharma are investing in neuro-auricular applications (i.e. taVNS, taTNS, and more) to grab ever greater shares of the mental health market. Stay ahead, grab your share, and support clients with deeper neural insight and regulation.

Future-proof your
psychotherapy practice

Integrative health is multi-modal, so should be your continuing education. The reflex zones of the ear offer tremendous insight for understanding and affecting the mind body connection. These neurofunctional skills will future-proof your practice.