Sue Cox, OBE, MAAC

Founder and director of SMART-UK, Sue Cox has worked with the National Health Service (NHS), government prison service (HMPPS), and the military. Her organization is highly recognized in the United Kingdom as a leading provider for training in auricular acupuncture as based on the 5-point protocol. 

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Bio | Sue Cox, OBE, MAAC

Founder and Director of SMART-UK
Sue is the founder and director of SMART-UK and co-founder of Survivors Voice Europe. She is an award-winning pioneer in the field of addiction, has co-authored work on the neuroscience of acupuncture in addiction, and is a long standing member of the British Acupuncture Council.
Survivor • Practitioner • Educator

Sue has been training healthcare professionals in addiction for well over two decades, and received the distinction as Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her contributions in recovery treatment adopted by the prison service (HMPS) and health service (NHS). She has personally taught 26,000 healthcare workers, and more recently, has extended her teaching to prisoners, creating a unique 5-star wellbeing coaching program which empowers the prisoners to help their peers.

Sue is also an author, and has published a new positive understanding of addiction in her book, “
The Hidden Superpower of Addiction.” This book bridges Eastern wisdom with Western science, and combines it all with the lived experience to celebrate the journey toward insight that the addicted brain may offer. As Sue says, “Continually seeing addicted people as ‘ill’ is limiting and disempowering, and a hindrance to real restoration. Addicts have amazing skills and untapped potential.”   

Additionally, Sue has co-authored a scientific book on auricular acupuncture, “Auricular Acupuncture and Addiction.”