PLUS Course

Dr. Bahr: How to Treat PTSD and 
Trauma of the Soul

Neuroscience, TCM, homeopathy, and psychology are applied to identify the root causes of one of the most individual and complex healthcare issues of our time, trauma.

Gain insights into:

  • The Mind/Body Connection — Discover how the effects of negative Qi impact our personal timeline and affect our soul through integrated perspectives from both Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern psychology. 

  • Trauma & PTSD — Acquire a multi-modal context for understanding, communicating with, and treating patients.

  • Homeopathy — Expand your understanding of the application of floral essences to support the uncovering of root causes.

  • Increase Treatment Precision — Use frequencies to locate and regulate neural pathways as they relate to specific psychological blockages.

With the skills from this course, you will be able to apply Auricular Medicine for increased effectiveness in trauma treatment — for healing of all the hurt emotions that have become seated in the soul.
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• Course text
• Interactive Video
• Demonstrations
• Self-Assessment
• Q&A videos 

Full Access

Enrollment provides 12-month access for repeated viewing of the course player and all course resources. 
  • Approximate time investment: 7 hours
  • Pre-requisite: A Level 2 understanding of Auricular Medicine is recommended for practice. However, CIAM understands that owing to the importance of the topic, this course will be of interest to new students — especially practitioners of homeopathy, TCM and psychology — on a topic that is sure to jump-start your journey to integrate auricular.
The course is very good! In 2017 I already did a trauma course with Dr. Bahr in Germany. This one is didactically better!
Hans Bolck | Manual Therapist, Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist
Fantastic experience! Thank you for bringing Dr. Bahr to us in English.
George Chachis | Acupuncturist

Your instructors for this course

I am confident that after your own initial experiences with patients, you will further expand Auricular Medicine approaches in your practice. For trauma treatment it is important to distinguish between blockages that maintain trauma of the soul, and blockages that maintain non-trauma related conditions. Soon, you will be uncovering more detailed case history to the specific circumstances and development of the trauma. And, helping patients recover and heal their soul — something truly unique!”
Dr. Frank Bahr, MD | Guest Instructor
Founder of the German Academy of Acupuncture (Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur | DAA)
At CIAM we are all absolutely honored at the opportunity to have developed this exclusive course in English with Dr. Bahr — not only because his contributions working with Paul Nogier informed some of the most important foundations of the medicine, but also because his current presentations on healing trauma of the soul  present an ever deeper understanding of new treatment possibilities to even the most experienced practitioners.”
Dave Maybee, RMT | Director & Lead Instructor
Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine