Dr. med. Frank Bahr,
Prof. h.c. mult.

Dr. Bahr rarely travels to North America, you’ll want to attend his presentations when he does! Now he’s available here, online! Gain auricular insights from the author of some of the most authorative texts in Auricular Medicine.


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WATCH VIDEO from Dr. Bahr’s presentation, The Most Important Frequencies in Auricular Medicine.

Courses featuring Frank Bahr

Professional praise...

Fantastic experience! Especially [with Dr. Frank Bahr] talking in terms of the 5 element diagnostic thinking behind auricular medicine. Thanks for bringing Dr. Bahr to our continent. I specialize in neurological disorders acupuncture especially brain injury and begin each session with auricular treatments.”
— George Chachis, Acupuncturist
German auricular medicine has expanded the scope of my practice in a variety of ways. With clients whose progress has plateaued, I check for blockages to healing such as scars, old injuries, hidden dental problems, pain memory accumulations, vitamin/mineral deficiencies and toxicities. When injuries cannot be approached locally, they can be accessed via the ear. Patients appreciate the accuracy and results of this system.”
– Dee Brown, LAc, MAc, DiplAc, Dipl CH | Level I CIAM Certified Acupuncturist in Maryland
BUCM gave support from the Chinese government to invite Dr. Bahr and Dr. Wirz. [They] presented and taught in a very detailed way. I look forward to having a closer relationship with the knowledge of Dr. Bahr.”
— Dr. Baixiao Zhao | Dean of the School of Acupuncture of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM)


Dr. Bahr has presented and published his work internationally earning multiple honorary professor titles. His publications include: Laser Acupuncture and Innovative Laser Medicine (co-authored with Dr. Gerhard Litscher), The Bahr Meridian of Energy (Der Bahr-Meridian der Energie co-authored with Dr. Christiane Wesemann) and The Great Book of Classical Acupuncture (Das große Buch der klassischen Akupunktur co-authored with Karin Bushe-Centmayer, Leopold Dorfer, Franz Jost, Gerhard Litscher, Sandi Suwanda, and Hans Zeitler).

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The New Ear Map

A definitive resource for auricular point location including anatomical and functional points that cover everything from physiological to emotional aspects of the body — as well as medicine analogue points, vitamin & mineral points, and TCM meridians as projected on the ear by the brain.
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Treating Trauma

Expanding on the Neue Homöopathie of Erich Körbler (1938-1994) through observations in clinical practice, Drs. Bahr and Wesemann offer auricular approaches for treatment and insight into root causes of chronic trauma. A new translation in English, Soul Trauma, presents the core methods.
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Laser Therapy

Whether as a basis for Auricular Medicine or laser therapy, this book co-authored with Dr. Gerhard Litscher, presents the scientific fundamentals for laser acupuncture, laser stimulation therapy and innovative laser applications. It is also a reference guide for various therapeutical frequencies.
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The Energy Meridian

The energy meridian (EN), discovered by Bahr, is an important addition to integrative, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. In Auricular Medicine, EN points have application in trauma treatment as well as the identification of the potential for destructive Qi and cancer.

Expertise & Contributions

The following barely scratches the surface of Bahr’s lexicon of knowledge and influence in Auricular Medicine...

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The “New Ear Acupuncture”

  • Anatomical points

  • Emotional points
  • Pain memory points
  • Metal and Toxicity points
  • Vitamin points

  • New location understanding

  • and more...

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  • Negative & destructive Qi
  • Vitamins
  • Focus indicators
  • PTSD/trauma of the soul
  • Self-heal
  • Bahr frequencies
  • and more...
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Auricular Medicine Approaches

  • Using 5 element theory
  • Using Energy Meridian
  • Using Governor Vessel
  • Using homeopathy
  • Using foci hierarchy
  • Using ancestral trauma 
  • and more...
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Clinical tools for auricular neuromodulation

  • Bahr frequencies
  • Bahr hammer
  • Applications of Bach essences
  • Applications of 9-volt Bar
  • VAS research & training
  • Laser research & training
  • and more...

Bio | Dr. med. Frank Bahr, Prof. h.c. mult.

Founder of the Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur (DAA)
Dr. Bahr will have you marveling at the tremendous potential of Auricular Medicine. With a golden thumb for the Vascular Autonomic Signal, Bahr is a master clinician focused on practice efficiency while always keeping the mantra, confirm your work. Join the master, and see how “German Auricular Medicine” is done!
Guest speaker • Lead instructor • Practitioner

Founder of the German Academy for Acupuncture (Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur | DAA e.V.), Dr. Frank Bahr is a leading contributor to advancements in the field of Auricular Medicine. His contributions include his work with Dr. Paul Nogier on identification and prioritization of focus indicator points, as well as his own work including discovery of the Energy Meridian, developing approaches for the treatment of baseline weaknesses, and advancing the location and use of a “time line” recorded by the nervous system, for the assessment, prioritization, and treatment of key traumas.

A former student and colleague of Dr. Paul Nogier, Dr. Frank Bahr is recognized for advancing the developments of Nogier to the contemporary Auricular Medicine practiced today and promoted by associations for acupuncture standards in Europe (EATCM), Austria (ÖGKA), and Switzerland (SACAM).