A Powerful Neuromodulation Series
for the EMDR Therapist

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INTRO | Auricular Methods in Psychology

4 psychotherapy practice-accelerating courses

Gain practical skills to access somatic and emotional experiences projected by the brain onto reflex zones of the ear. The ear could be the best tool every patient already brings to every session. The auricular microsystem can be used to...
  • Prime the nervous system to better receive the benefits of EMDR and support improved therapy outcomes
  • Strengthen immediate client engagement and trust through relevant insight
  • Overcome specific challenges in therapy while offering clients a means of directly making their own mind-body connection. 

Accelerate your practice with practical neuro-modulation techniques. Rapidly advance your EMDR therapy beyond the challenges of Defense Mechanisms, Targeting, and Processing.
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How, why, and what to expect...

How it works

The microsystem of the ear (auricle) projects reflex zones reflecting nerves-to-function of both physical and psychological aspects of the mind and body.

Auricular points can be tested and measured for electrodermal activity (EDA). Owing to the connection of the ear to the major branches of the nervous system, this activity highlights specific neural states that require attention.

These disturbed neural states (dysfunctional stored experience) can then be stimulated for neurosomatic release.


Neuromodulation for EMDR (and a clinical auricular probe) are used to achieve many therapy gains, including the ability to efficiently address 3 key challenges:

  • Defense Mechanisms
  • Targeting
  • Processing

Auricular neuromodulation is used adjunctively without any change to the EMDR  framework. It helps provide specific neural insights to get on with doing what you do best — effective therapy!

What to expect

In less than 8 hours you can learn to use the ear as a window to the brain — all within the framework and scope of your practice.

  • Reduced session time in the preparation phase by priming the nervous system for self-regulation and a visceral sense of safety to help move beyond defense mechanisms

  • Improved client trust owing to greater accuracy in the assessment phase by targeting the most effective memories with greater confidence

  • Forward momentum with otherwise challenging cases by bypassing pre-frontal cortex involvement for neurosomatic release and improved processing in all phases.

CIAM learners express their enthusiasm

Wonderful work! The EMDR portion of How to Access Somatic and Emotional Experiences is immediately useful and applicable to my EMDR practice.”
Dr. Timothy Rowe, MD | Psychiatrist and Director of Psychiatric Services at St. Christopher’s Inn Addiction Treatment & Recovery Community
I want to express my appreciation for the information and layout of 
the How to Access the Somatic and Emotional Experiences course. Coming from an education background, I have taken and developed many science courses — and the CIAM courses are clear, concise, knowledge-rich, and well thought-out. They can meet the needs of many types of learners.”
Kristie Ford | Cranial Sacral Therapist with focus on Somatic Release
With its basis in the nervous system, Auricular Medicine offers insights and methods for clearing physiological and emotional blockages that should be applied in today’s modern somatic psychology practice.” 
Thasja Hoffmann, LMFT, LPCC | Director Westside Therapy Services

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This is the only training of its kind to teach neuro-auricular modulation to healthcare & wellness professionals, with international recognition for its highly-endorsed German Auricular Medicine core curriculum in which the training is based.