Level 3 Q&A Intros

When and how to test for and treat negative Qi

Level 1 enabled you to use the ear as a bi-directional portal for assessment and treatment. With Level 2 you honed your skills in Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) palpation in order to identify, prioritize and treat blockages to healing (foci) using the 5 indicator points. Level 3 expands your Auricular Medicine “toolkit” with options for increasing treatment precision in your practice, while using techniques that can help streamline treatment time for complex cases (such as chronic pain and trauma).
This video offers considerations for practitioners who wonder when
to apply an assessment using negative Qi in your practice.
This video introduces the approach trained in Level 3 to provide
support in diabetes care and management

Diabetes care
in Auricular Medicine

The ear is a neural platform for regulation, using frequencies to affect specific neural states via resonant neuromodulation toward balance and healthy homeostasis. Medical frequencies in Auricular Medicine are specific, including the Insulin frequency, 3323 Hz with which to support diabetes care and management.

The frequency of memory

Everything is energy. Everything is frequency. Level 3 offers a framework for using frequencies for efficient treatment approaches relating to a broad range of treatment categories, bring focus and time savings to your practice. This video on the frequency of memory provides examples.
Does memory have a frequency? Watch this video and find out!
The How to Treat PTSD and Trauma of the Soul course is very good! In 2017 I completed a trauma course with Dr. Bahr in Germany. The CIAM course was didactically better!”
— Hans Bolck | Owner Acupunctuurpraktijk Bolck, Netherlands
Thank you to all the teachers and staff of CIAM for providing such a good learning platform. Your efforts are very much appreciated!”
— Dr. Sun Pei, DO | Physician specialized in family medicine and acupuncture with practice in New Hyde Park, NY, USA
I have been using auricular points in my practice and I saw how powerful the medicine was. And, so I decided that maybe I'll learn something more from the source, the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine.”
– Marina Doktorman, LAc. | Private practice, Clifton, NJ, USA
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