Dave Maybee, RMT
Lead Instructor

Dave Maybee is director at the Canadian Institute for Auricular Medicine and has taught over 35 certificate-level continuing education courses in German Auricular Medicine as based on the work of Dr. med. Frank Bahr and Dr. med. Beate Strittmatter. Dave is also a practicing massage therapist. His practice, started 2008, integrates cranial sacral therapy and myofascial release with auricular medicine to treat unresolved chronic pain and other issues found in therapy resistant patients (e.g. hard to treat patients who have “tried everything”). Dave has been an auricular acupuncturist since 2005, and the treatment outcomes recorded at his practice suggest a success rate of over 85%. Dave credits this success to the clinical protocols of German Auricular Medicine which focus on identification and treatment of blockages to healing. Additionally, Dave has developed clinical protocols to identify and prioritizes deep psychological blockages which maintain chronic pain, among other conditions. In a small clinical trial at his practice, he found that without treating the symptom and only by treating the most important psychological blockage point, a patients’ chronic pain disappeared and in most cases did not return — showing the importance of emotions on health, and of neurological insight on diagnosis and treatment priorities.
It is with great understanding for lecture pacing that Dave weaves thought provoking theory with integrative applications. He engages students with clinical examples, demonstrations and Q&A to accommodate and spark diverse interests while maintaining clear objectives and practical learning outcomes. 

Lisa Weleschuk, RAc
Instructor and Clinical Practicum Advisor

Lisa has been practicing as a licensed acupuncturist in Calgary since 2006. She graduated from the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2006, and earned a diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the University of Beijing for her studies and hospital practicums completed in China.

Discovering how other cultures have developed acupuncture, Lisa was greatly impressed with the effective assessment and treatment framework provided German Auricular Medicine and studied under Dr. Beatte Strittmatter, Director of Education at the German Academy of Acupuncture. This led her to the Canadian Institute for Auricular Medicine, where she completed Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 CIAM certification.

Her deep appreciation of what it means to be whole, through personal observation that the physical and emotional are indeed so entangled, and cannot be separated, she also completed years of study in Transactional Analysis. Through this work, she experienced that when people own their emotional processes and actively work on themselves, the physical responds on a deeper level — and she sees her role as supporting what is needed in the physical body while helping people attend to their  emotional needs. Further workshops with Mark (Seva) Terrell support Lisa's integration of deep meditational transformation into her acupuncture sessions.


Muriel Agnes, MAEd, PhD
Instructor Emeritus

Muriel is the founder, and former director, of the Vital Principle Institute — now known as the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine (CIAM). Muriel began in this field by studying other schools of auricular acupuncture in 1999. She completed a PhD in Energy Medicine under the supervision of Dr. Norm Shealy. Her doctorate work focused on the assessment accuracy of Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) pulse palpation (also known as the Reflex-Auriculo Cardiac) discovered by Dr. Paul Nogier.

Muriel has had the privilege of being mentored in the German system of Auricular Medicine by Dr. Beate Strittmatter and Dr. Peter Gross — going on to invite Dr. Strittmatter to Canada in 2003 to teach health professionals. This became the basis for Muriel's development of curricula, rooted in her pedagogical training, to build the institution for which CIAM is now recognized by students from around the world for continuing education in the field of auricular acupuncture/auricular medicine.


Dr. med. Beate Strittmatter, FA
Guest/Honorary Instructor

Beate Strittmatter is Director of Education at the German Academy of Acupuncture (Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur | DAA e.V.). Her expertise (both mentorship and initial trainings) provided the basis for the development of the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine. In addition to her medical practice in Saarbrücken, some of her many qualifications include: Instructor at the DAA. Medical board certification with recognitions for specializations in acupuncture, sports medicine, naturopathy and emergency care. Examiner for acupuncture for the medical board of Saarland. Board member of the Auriculotherapy Certification Institute (ACI). Lecturer at the University of Florida in Miami, the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine (CIAM), and the Academy of Medical Acupuncture (AAMA) in Washington and Atlanta. Her publications include:
  • Bahr F., Strittmatter B.: Das große Buch der Ohrakupunktur, Haug Verlag, 2. Auflg., Stuttgart 2014
  • Strittmatter B.: Taschenatlas der Ohrakupunktur nach Nogier/Bahr, 5. Auflg., Haug Vlg, Stuttgart 2013
  • Strittmatter B.: Der Herd und seine Entstörung, Hippokrates Vlg, Stuttgart 2005
  • Strittmatter B.: Ear Acupuncture, A Precise Pocket Atlas Based on the Works of Nogier/Bahr, 2nd edition, Thieme N.Y. 2011
  • Strittmatter B.: Identifying and Treating Blockages to Healing, Thieme N.Y. 2004
  • Interaktives Computer-Lernprogramm für Ärzte, Ohrakupunktur, Hippokrates Verlag Stuttgart 2002