Dear Visitors,

Covid has pushed CIAM to move forward as quickly as it can to present its offerings online via a new learning platform (a beta site now in development at Below are details related to this new site, as well as the 2020 schedule.

Concurrent to the offering here at (‘.com’), CIAM is presenting new offerings at (‘beta site’). Our intention is to offer new online material to you as soon as it becomes available via the new beta site rather than have you wait until the two sites have been fully merged onto the new learning platform. In offering you such availability, we appreciate your patience as the presentation of the beta site is still under construction and continues to develop through 2020/2021. We understand that having two websites (and two separate payment gateways) may present confusion. The following will hopefully help clear that confusion.


How are CIAM courses and materials currently being offered?

  • As new material becomes available on the new beta site, it will be linked directly from the current ‘.com’ site to the new beta site. New enrollments can be completed on the beta site (on a secure and ready payment gateway powered by Stripe, a leader in payment processing).

  • Please be sure to create your free account at by clicking on ‘Sign In’ button. When logged in, you can access CIAM’s newest free resources, paid courses, and programs available there. As well as what will become a growing community of auricular practitioners sharing questions, ideas, and experiences.

  • All other offerings (anything not yet available on the beta site), remains available for checkout without an account here on just as before — except for any offerings that have been closed as a result of covid-related travel restrictions (see below). 

What happens to my current enrollment in the CMCP or online courses via Moodle?

  • First, we ask all CIAM students to create their free account on the new beta site at so that you can see new offerings coming online.

  • Second, rest assured that if you have an online course that you are attending via Moodle, or a program that you are enrolled in such as the Complete Masters Certificate Program, you will automatically be re-enrolled into the new version once it becomes available on CIAM’s new learning platform (the beta site currently in development). These re-enrollments will offer the complete program access period, for any respective courses with original enrollments completed since April 2019.

How have courses been affected by covid?

Level 1 on-site: Closed

All previously scheduled live, on-site Level 1 courses have been closed as a result of the uncertainty presented by covid and CIAM’s plan to re-open Level 1 as a comprehensive distance leaning experience.

Level 1 online: Planned for availability starting Fall 2020 (Sept/Oct)

CIAM is preparing to re-open Level 1 as a comprehensive distance leaning experience that is fully online. This will include: self-guided interactive video learning components, live instructor review/Q&A sessions, treatment demonstrations, and the advisor-guided online clinical practicum for certification.  

Level 2 on-site: Not affected

Still open for registration. This course will take place (unless travel restrictions from Canada to the U.S. are not lifted by September 16, 2020) — details and registration.

CMCP: Temporarily closed to new enrollments

Because of the disruption of the 2020 schedule by covid, and as part of the developments with the new learning platform, the CMCP is temporarily closed to new enrollment. Current enrollees in the CMCP can look forward to a newly structured CMCP. This will include, among other things, the ability to revisit (and have completely available) the full online resources of Level 1.

Level 3 on-site: Not yet scheduled for 2021

FYI: The 2020 course for Level 3 was successfully held in Cancun, Mexico this past January. We look forward to another great master class next year!

VAS Workshops and Intro Events: Case by Case

Currently available in Chicago, Sept 16, 2020: Link for details and registration.

Clinical Practicums: Not affected

These online programs remain available at with automatic re-enrollment once they become available on CIAM’s new learning platform!

Ear Point Guide and LLLT: Not affected

These online programs remain available at Note: you will be automatically re-enrolled with a full program period extension once your respective course becomes available on CIAM’s new learning platform!

What are plans for the new online learning platform (e.g. the beta site currently in development)?

Updated classification of courses

Moving forward, CIAM offerings will be organized into six categories: INTRO, CORE, PLUS, CERTIFY, MATERIALS, and CMCP. Additionally, Orientation Guides will help tour you through CIAM’s offerings.

Core curriculum — CORE offering

  • Level 1 will exclusively become an online learning experience
  • Level 2 will be offered as a hybrid with online and on-site components
  • Level 3 will remain an evolving on-site master class
  • Clinical Practicums will be included with each level (and also offered individually for CIAM graduates still seeking to earn certification)

Complete Masters Certification Program (CMCP)

As the CMCP gets moved onto the new online learning platform, it will be restructured to support the new format in which large components of the core curriculum — CORE offering — will be offered.

Beyond the CORE

  • INTRO: Courses geared to specific healthcare modalities, presenting auricular methods that support existing clinical approaches for increased assessment and treatment insights offered by the best tool every patient already brings to your practice — the ear!
  • PLUS: These courses and events will offer training beyond the core curriculum.
  • MATERIALS: Auricular supplies will be sold with free instructional training.


With all the auricular resources the learning platform will come to offer, CIAM believes it will be the place to continue ongoing discussions — help build your community of auricular practice by sharing questions, experience and insights.