Scheduling and Registering Your CMCP Courses: Except for VAS Skills Building and LLLT 1 (items 7 & 8, which are not required to earn certification), all courses must be taken in the order listed below since each is a pre-requisite for the next:

  1. Level I: Enhanced Auricular Assessment and Treatment
  2. Level I: Clinical Practicum 1
  3. Level II: Clearing Blockages to Healing
  4. Level II: Clinical Practicum 2
  5. Level III: Master Methods
  6. Level III: Clinical Practicum 3
  7. VAS Skills Building Workshop
  8. Low Level Laser Therapy course LLLT 1

Complete Masters Certificate Program (CMCP) Details

The CMCP is for students who know they are serious to learn auricular medicine and become fully certified. The program offers a highly economical means of achieving your goal. Rather than register for these course individually (otherwise costing $4430), registration in this program offers you significant savings and value. The program includes:

  • Level I: Enhanced Auricular Assessment and Treatment (on-site)
  • Level I: Clinical Practicum 1 (online)
  • Level II: Clearing Blockages to Healing (on-site)
  • Level II: Clinical Practicum 2 (online)
  • Level III: Master Methods (on-site)
  • Level III: Clinical Practicum 3 (online)
  • VAS Skills Building Workshop (on-site)
  • Low Level Laser Therapy course LLLT 1 (online)
  • The ability to retake any CMCP course at a 50% discount (lifetime)
  • Level III CIAM Certification certificate — Full master-level certification!
  • Listing in Global Network of CIAM Certified Practitioners upon earning certification (see details of certification)
Program Period: Scheduling and course completion is self-directed. Students enrolled in the CMCP receive discount coupon codes and can use these to select the most convenient course time and location from respective courses offered. The program has no time limit.
Locations, Dates and Times: Students are responsible to register for their courses and manage (and pay for) their own travel to courses. Locations, dates and times are dependent on specific courses chosen. Once you have purchased the CMCP, you will be emailed a discount code which you can use for any course available to you through the CMCP. 
Course Offerings: Course offerings are posted on www.integrate and can be found in the web site menu under "COURSES." CIAM usually posts the next year's courses at least 3 months in advance.
Disclaimer: Although CIAM makes every effort to make a complete course offering available at convenient locations throughout the year, CIAM offers no guarantee that courses are always available to meet every student's preferred location or time. Remember, with your help to refer new students CIAM is able to continue to grow its program offering.
Course Type: Online and classroom instruction with lectures and practical hands-on demonstrations and training

Pre-requisite: See CIAM certification requirements to learn more about what it means to be certified.
CEUs/PDAs: See individual course descriptions

Required Materials: "Ear Acupuncture: A Precise Pocket Atlas"by Beate Strittmatter Textbook (external link) 

Recommended Materials: 
  • Rubber Ears (external link)
  • Pointoselect DT (external link) point finder to detect and treat auricular points. CIAM recommends this particular point finder because of its precision. An alternate Pointoselect is available for order in the USA at
Price Includes: Tuition, taxes, course handbooks
Available Discounts: This program, with a base value of $4430, offers you a savings of $1730.

Certification: Certification is not guaranteed it is earned. Please read about CIAM Certification — Certification FAQs and requirements and guidelines for professionalism.

Global Network of Practitioners: Once you complete your first certification you will be listed on the global network listing of CIAM-certified practitioners.

Program Updates: CIAM reserves the right to adjust the CMCP offering. Students already enrolled in CMCP will continue to enjoy the benefits of the CMCP offered at the time of purchase, unless CIAM offers replacement options of equal or greater value.