The Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine offers certification in Auricular Medicine under endorsement by the German Academy of Acupuncture (Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur | DAA) as the only systematic training of the DAA program in English worldwide. Affirm your ability in the clinical application of Auricular Medicine and join a global network of CIAM-certified practitioners!

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Certification FAQs

Why get CIAM certification? Practitioners may decide to incorporate components of the medicine into their practice without certification, however if practitioners make claims to practice (e.g. provide treatment using or services in) Auricular Medicine and/or German Auricular Medicine patients understand the importance and value of certification by CIAM (or the Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur | DAA e.V.) to validate recognition of completion and proven competence at the respective level of training. 

What does certification mean? CIAM Certified practitioners are professionals who recognize the importance of certification to maintain standards and professionalism in the field of Auricular Medicine.

Is certification equivalent to licensure? CIAM certification does not imply licensure of any kind. Although Auricular Medicine is recognized by health insurance in certain countries under the practice of acupuncture (i.e. in Germany and Switzerland), it is not a medicine that is governed by a licensing or regulatory body.  

In what types of healthcare and wellness modalities are practitioners CIAM-certified? The use of Auricular Medicine is not limited to a single modality. CIAM-Certified practitioners may be found in a range of healthcare and wellness modalities (i.e. acupuncture, allopathy, chiropractic, dentistry, naturopathy, psychology, physiotherapy) — the difference between, for example, a CIAM-certified Reiki practitioner and a CIAM-certified medical doctor is the set of experiences and education that inform their practice.

CIAM Certification Requirements 

  • Completion of CIAM Certification Application Form, which includes signed agreement to uphold guidelines for professionalism (CIAM reserves the right to deny or revoke CIAM certification from anyone whose conduct is not befitting the CMA Code of Ethics and Professionalism)
  • Practitioner recognition and representation by the association of their modality (e.g. association number)
  • Completion of respective Level I, II, and/or III CIAM coursework — including theory and practical training (see course requirements below)
  • Completion of respective Level I, II, and/or III CIAM clinical practicums (see course requirements below)
  • Review and approval for certification is based on completion of coursework, participation, professionalism (CIAM supports the Canadian Medical Association Code of Ethics and Professionalism and reserves the right to deny approval for certification based on these guidelines for professionalism) and proficiency shown in clinical case studies, exams, quizes, worksheets 

Course Requirements for Level I Certification 

  • Level I: Enhanced Auricular Assessment and Treatment | Level I syllabus link
  • Level I: Clinical Practicum

Course Requirements for Level II Certification 

Course Requirements for Level III Certification