Concordance observed between detection achieved by VAS and electrical differentiation. Citation: (Rouxeville 2000)

Prof. Serguei Timochevski achieved blind testing respective to the VAS with the Acus system he developed in November 1996. He observed a concordance between detection achieved by the VAS and electrical differential detection plus “a general concordance of 90% between detection by the Acus system and electrical detection.”  Reference: Rouxeville, Y. Acupuncture auriculaire personnalisée. Sauramps Médical Montpellier; 2000:84-85,128-130.

Rapid narcotic detoxification in chronic pain patients treated with auricular electroacupuncture and naloxone. Citation: (Kroening 1985, 1347-1360)

In a research study published by Kroening and Oleson, the application of a rapid detoxification procedure for narcotics was provided to 14 chronic pain patients to support withdrawal from opiate pain medications — and help reduce or avoid the severe withdrawal signs which accompany detoxification in chronic pain patients taking high levels of analgesic medications. After first switching all patients to oral methadone, each patient received bilateral electrical stimulation to needles inserted ...