$500 shopping spree with qualified enrollment in the Complete Masters Certificate Program (CMCP)

$500 shopping spree with qualified enrollment in the Complete Masters Certificate Program (CMCP)

DETAILS: For students who have already registered and paid for an on-site course with CIAM prior to learning about the CMCP, we offer the opportunity to earn a $500 credit toward a one-time purchase of CIAM materials after you enroll in the CMCP during any on-site CIAM course through April 26, 2020. 

How it works:

  1. If you are a course participant, complete a purchase for the CMCP during any CIAM on-site course you are attending through April 26, 2020.
  2. Share your reason for enrolling in the CIAM Program on Facebook or Instagram.
  3. Email your receipt and a photo of your social media posting in a written email request for the $500 earned credit to info@integrateauricular.com. For all qualified program enrollees (e.g. CIAM students who have made an on-site course purchase prior to CMCP enrollment and met offer criteria), CIAM will email a discount code valued at $500 CAD to be used toward a one-time* shopping spree for ampules, books or ear charts (depending on availability) offered directly from integrateauricular.com (e.g. excluding Eastern Currents and other supplier vendors).

*The credit may be applied for a single purchase at https://integrateauricular.com/collections/materials for materials only, without credit for any remaining value unused. It is suggested to make a purchase greater than the credit amount in order to take advantage of the full value of the offer.

    This offer is only available during attendance of one of CIAM’s on-site courses. Ask about it at your next training before April 26, 2020!

    All dollar values (shown here and throughout the CIAM website) are in Canadian Dollars

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