50% discount on pre-order of "Auricular Methods in Psychology"

50% discount on pre-order of "Auricular Methods in Psychology"

Auricular methods are quickly gaining interest in the field of psychology owing to a more popular understanding of neuromodulation via the ear (see Psychology Today and BBC News). The physiology of the ear is unique in that it receives the major nerve branches and reflects every somatic and emotional experience as mapped by the brain in a highly detailed microsystem — the ear is a "window to the brain."

The ear is the greatest tool every patient/client already brings to you. Learning to use it — how to read the somatotopic map the ear provides — can support insights for clinical psychological practice.

In the upcoming online course, How to Access the Somatic and Emotional Experience Mapped by the Brain — Auricular Methods in Psychology, the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine (CIAM) is helping lead the understanding of auricular methods as they apply to the field of psychology for powerful insights into the relationship between mind and body. 

The course is scheduled to become available by February 2020 and can be pre-ordered at a savings of 50%! Sign up and watch the introductory chapter for free.

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